A3C-AN - AUDNZD Trading with Engulfing
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A3C-AN Overview

A3C-AN is shared by Le Thanh Cong (Telegram: @LTCong), he is a member of the FXCE EA community.

A3C-AN trades DCA based on the idea of taking advantage of the short waves of the AUDNZD (also known as Aussie/Kiwi) currency pair. This EA only uses Engulfing candle under strict conditions in each candle.

AUDNZD is a currency pair that is less affected by major economic and financial events and often tends to last with sufficient volatility, so it is very suitable for DCA trading.

The A3C-AN configured on GigaFactory had been backtested from 01/01/2020 - 11/2/2022 with positive results of $1879.67 in profit after 34 months, which is almost 9 times than the biggest drop of $211.02.

A3C-AN's Trading Method

Trading strategy

The Engulfing candle set needs to comply with the following conditions:

  • The value of the 1st candle's body is 38 < x < 300 points

  • Candle 1 is a full-body candle with a body > 65% of the candle.

  • Candle 2 is a short-body candle with a body < 35% of the candle.

  • The value of the 2nd candle's body is > 14 points

When the abow set of candles appears, the EA will place an order based on the type of Engulfing

  • Buy Order: When Bullish Engulfing appears

  • Sell Order: When Bearish Engulfing appears

  • The trading volume for the first order is fixed at 0.01 lot and TP at 245 points.

Note: Because the spread of the AUDNZD pair can be up to 50-60 points, so only trade when the maximum spread is 35 points to limit the unfortunate slippage.

DCA Strategy

The EA will apply DCA up to 14 orders under the following conditions:

  • Each of the following orders will be separated by a certain number of points from the previous order, counting from the second order: 160; 85; 160; 160; 160; 160; 160; 200; 200; 200; 200; 200.

  • Starting from the 2nd order onwards, 0.01 lot will be accumulated for each order until the end of 14 orders: 0.02; 0.03; 0.04; 0.05; 0.06; 0.07; … ; 0.14 lots.

  • TP: 120 points.

Backtest result

A3C-AN has backtested under the following conditions:

  • Time Frame: M5

  • Backtest period: 01/01/2020 - 14/11/2022

  • Symbol: AUDNZD

  • Capital: $2000

The backtest result is evaluated  based on 4 criteria:

  • Number of months having the profit greater than drawdown= 1/[(Total Net Profit / Number of Backtest Months) / EDD

Number of months having the profit greater than drawdown


2.5 months

Very good

3.5 months 


5 months


  • History Quality ≥ 99%

  • Profit Factor ≥ 1,5

  • Equity Drawdown ≤ 15%


Number of months having the profit greater than


Standard number of months








History Quality 


Required level







Profit Factor


Required level







More information on the Backtest assessment guiding: https://ea.fxce.com/post/huong-dan-danh-gia-ket-qua-backtest_636a2d4e56a5ec0001ade8e3.

Configurating on FXCE Giga

Follow the steps to configure and can customize the EA:

Entry tab settings

Sell order

Buy order

Volume tab settings

Settings tab

Action - DCA tab settings

Terms of use

  • A3C-AN is free and shared by member Le Thanh Cong of FXCE EA.

  • Used on MT5 FXCE platform

  • Any purchase, sale or exchange in any form is not allowed.

  • FXCE as well as Le Thanh Cong are not responsible for any loss during use.


cloud-download-2Download the EA config here


  • Copy the “.config” file into the folder where the FXCE Giga config file is saved.

  • To access the folder where the config file is saved, go to FXCE Giga and select the File > Open Data Folder menu.

  • After loading the config file into FXCE Giga, users can perform backtest or forward test.


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