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 Download FXCE Giga latest version (4.0)  here.


If you are new, let's discover FXCE Giga - EA configuration solution for trader who don't know how to code.

Term Of Use

  • The Expert Advisor is working on the MT5 FXCE platform only.
  • This Expert Advisor is distributed free of charge.
  • Any sales or trade in any form are not allowed.
  • FXCE is not responsible if there is any loss of money during use.


To install the Experts Advisors, make sure that you copy the "*.ex5" file to the folder /MQL5/Experts/

You can see more detail How to install Indicator and Experts Advisors.

This EA works properly on the MetaTrader 5, please download at the following link: https://www.fxce.com/page-platform

Release Note

Giga is developing and finalization, so there may be incompatibility issues when loading a configuration files created on the old Giga to the new Giga.

You may receive the following message:

If you choose Yes to load the EA config, you have to check all the conditions as well as whether the configured parameters are correct with the requirements of your trading system.

To ensure the EA works correctly, the EA configuration must be created in the latest version of Giga. 


v4.0 - xx/11/2023

  • Added Ex.Signal (Extra Signal) tab for Step Entry Signals, change the Entry Signal option to Extra Signal. Do not use the Entry tab in conjunction with OR conditions as in previous versions.
  • Added Backtest Multiple EAs setting in Settings tab, allowing backtesting multiple EAs.
  • Added Execute Entry Mode option in the Open Trade section of the Settings tab, allowing to run only Buy/Sell.
  • Added Factor option for Step modes Extra Signal in tab Action.
  • Added option Place Fomo Order When Candle Close for FOCA-Fomo in the Settings General section of the FOCA action.
  • Added Start Fomo/Dca from Last Position option in the Step settings of the FOCA action.
  • Added Same TP As Initial Entry option in the Target Profit Settings of the FOCA action.
  • Automatically update Stoploss for all positions from in the action Multiple according to the Stoploss of the initial Entry order if any (setup in the Volume tab - similar to option Same TP As Initial Entry)
  • Added 2 more Take Profit Type in the Volume tab: Fixed Points/USD + Last Loss, to separate the case of calculating Fixed Points/USD and Fixed Points/USD + Last Loss.
  • Fix bug FOCA, Sell Fomo position having the same price as Initial Entry position.
  • Fix bug FOCA, getting Step/Volume/Target Define value incorrectly.
  • Fix bug calculating time after number of candles when passing week.
  • Fix bug calculating Daily Total Positions + Closed Orders
  • Fix bug Max Risk Disable Trade when Disable hours = 0
  • Fix bug Clones to Close Buy/Sell excluding the conditions of the Close All section.

Note: As for the Backtest Multiple EAs setup, with the EA in the list of Backtest EAs using Bollinger Bands, you must use the Custom Indicator BB in the FXCE Indicator Library to apply for Giga to get the correct signal.

v3.39 - 29/09/2023

  • Officially released Action FOCA applying the algorithm combining Fomo and Dca.
  • Removed Custom Indicator mode in Trailing/Breakeven. 
  • Added Volume Value option for Entry Type in the Entry tab to specify the trading volume depending on the condition of the entry signal.
  • Added Define Multiple/Addition option, allowing users to define the calculation coefficients for the Volume of all Multiple actions.
  • Added options to do the Hedging order in the Martingale action.
  • Added Start Trailing At Position option to check the number of DCA/FOMO orders that started Trailing Stop for Multiple action.
  • Added option to allow doing Martingale order when Max Lot is reached.
  • Added Max Lot check for Multiple actions. If Max Lot = 0 or Max Total Lot = 0, there will be no volume limit when placing a DCA order.
  • Added the Virtual Order option to the Entry Type used for the first Virtual Order, so as not to overlap with the Entry Type which is Signal Only of Step DCA and the Signal Counting Type which is Entry Signal.
  • Added the Magic No. for Virtual Orders when shown on the chart to distinguish when executing multiple EAs.
  • Added Close Type option to classify DCA order closing with series closing by average price combined with Target Profit (Average) or by closing each order (One By One).
  • Added the Open By Time option in Type of Entry of the Entry tab for the function to place an order after the number of candles.
  • Fixed error in updating the Take Profit prices when using Hedging DCA in the DCA algorithm.

Download FXCE Giga version 3.39 here.

v3.38 - 30/06/2023

  • Allow to setup Close Partial to close partial a position without using Split Order Volume.
  • Added option After Min Next by Candle/Hour/Minute in Step Size for all DCA Step mode.
  • Added option Point TP for real Entry after enough Virtual Orders.
  • Added option Max P&L (%) for DCA to check DCA not allowed when current P&L % >= Max P&L %.
  • Added option Close and Disable Algo for Close Type in the Close tab.
  • Added option On/Off Algo Trading by Mobile in Settings tab > Risk Management.
  • Added option to Apply Max Positions by Type Buy/Sell or All.
  • Added option Profit Including Swap to calculate TP for all Multiple actions.
  • Added option Same TP As Initial Entry to set TP of DCA and FOMO positions same as Entry's TP (in settings Target Profit)
  • Added option to calculate Volume by Fibonacci
  • Added option to calculate the Martingale Volume by Ratio Of Last USD Loss
  • Added option Expire Type for Martingale with Order Type is Pending.
  • Update the function Send Signals to a Topic in a Telegram group.
  • Added option From DCA Pos. to start Hedge follow number of DCA position in setting General DCA.
  • Added option Entry Signal for the feature Trailing Stop/Breakeven.
  • Fixed bug calculate positive Swap when close all position in Multiple Actions.
  • Fixed bug for Swap calculation in the calculation formula Total P&L.
  • Fixed bug Closing DCA for Partial mode.
  • Fixed bug action Martingale related to Trading Time, Order Type is Pending.
  • Automatically set SL/TP price according to the settings in the Volume tab for manual trades.

Download FXCE Giga version 3.38 here.

v3.37 - 20/04/2023

  • Showing the FXCE Giga loading window when launching Giga.
  • Added option to delete Log files periodically (for Forward test)
  • Added function to delete all Log files manually in MT5 Experts.
  • Add Close All Position by Closing Manual option in Close Trade of Settings tab (applicable to manual closing a position on MT5 on Windows and Mobile)
  • Added Cancel All Pending Orders When Deactivated Giga option in Pending Order of Settings tab.
  • Added Step Trailing option for DCA Step Size
  • Added the compare Order Comment option in the Trading Status of the Volume tab.
  • Changed the Check Entry Tab When Candle Closes option to Check Entry Tab Without VO.
  • Added Market Entry Without Stoploss option for Virtual Order Settings with Signal Counting Type as Stop Loss.
  • Added the Close Trade settings section for DCA and FOMO actions to add optional supporting parameters for the processing of trading algorithms.
  • Separate the partial closing profit parameter Target Partial Profit with the profit parameter of Target Profit in the partial closing part of  DCA when the partial order closing function is activated.
  • Added the Close Type parameter to distinguish the type of FOMO order sequence in Close Trade of the FOMO action to close the chain according to the Average Price or the Last Order (default is to lock on the average price like previous versions).
  • Add Close All Positions OOTT With Ex-Profit option in Close Trade of DCA action to close overtime orders with different profit.
  • Added option of Between/Over comparison types by Point
  • Fixed the error of calculating Step Mode = Fixed Points by Factor for the case of Pending DCA/FOMO.
  • Added Symbol test condition for Martingale order management.
  • Check Trading Time for Martingale orders, changed option "Use Trading Time for Multiple Trades Mode" to "Use Trading Time for Non-Standard Action".
  • Fixed the error of calculating Point Value for SL/TP when the Tick Value cannot be obtained for the  Entry order (in case of failure to place an order when forward testing on the Cent account).

v3.36 - 01/03/2023

 - Officially released the Virtual Order Counting function.
 - Add the Hedge Order Volume By option to determine the Volume of the Hedge order when DCA.
 - Add parameters to set the trading date (Trading days) in the tab Settings > Trading Time.
 - Add parameter to calculate volume continuously for Grid CIS.
 - Add Factor Type parameters for Step Size calculation with option Fixed Points of DCA & FOMO action.
 - Added Minimum Step Score parameter for Step Size calculation by option ATR
 - Add number Apply for section Trailing of action FOMO
 - Added function to Close all positions after number of Candles in Close tab.
 - Improved the log printing for the Multiple Trades section.
 - Fixed bug where reaches the Max Hedge positions, EA would no longer entry the Hedge Order until closing all the DCA Positions.
 - Fixed bug the swap fees were charged when a new date passed.

v3.35 - 11/01/2023

- Officially renamed to FXCE Giga
- Improved performance of the interface (GUI)
- Improved performance of the comparisons with Has/No Signal of the Entry and Close tabs.
- Added a waiting window for the progress of the Load, Save config task.
- Classification Trading Infor for Trading Status of tab Volume.
- Added option Signals Only for Entry Type in the Entry tab (to apply Stepsize as Entry Signals in Multiple Trades section).
- Added option Check Entry Tab While Multiple Trading (default = False).
- Added the Addition for Volume Type in the Volume tab.
- Added option to Close all Positions When Deactivated Giga for Close Trading settings.
- Modified print Log for Multiple Trades section (DCA action, FOMO, Grid CIS, Recover Hedge)
- Fixed the title bar when changing the Timeframe in the Activated state.

Note: Due to the change of Trade Status section in the Full Mode section in the Volume tab, EAs using this Trade Status setting need to be modified according to the new structure.