Phần 2: Xây dựng hệ thống giao dịch
Lesson 2.5: Setting Trading Algorithms - Action Tab
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The Action tab is an important part of FXCE Giga, this function tab offers trading algorithms to manage existing orders with advanced strategies such as DCA, Trailing Stop, Martingale, FOMO, and Hedge. In addition, to open orders from the condition of Tab Entry, FXCE Giga can also manage open orders manually or by other EA with a specific identifier (Magic No.).


The Action tab has 2 operating modes including Single (single command) and Multiple (command sequence).


In Single mode, users have 2 options, Standard and Martingale with the following functions:

  • Trailing Stop: Move Stoploss one way according to the trend of the order.

  • Break Even: Move Stoploss to break even position.

  • Martingale: Increase the volume on the next trade if lose.

  • Close Partial: Close the order partially.


Multiple mode provides 5 different options with the following functions:

  • FOMO: Open more orders according to the direction of market movement.

  • DCA: Open more orders against the direction of market movement.

  • Grid CIS: Open more orders according to the signal from Indicator.

  • Recovery Hedge: Open orders opposite to an existing position.

  • Trailing Stop: Move the Stoploss of a one-way order sequence according to the direction of the price.

  • Break Even: Move Stoploss of order sequence to breakeven position.


The final step to setting up the Crossing trading system is to set the Trailing Stop function and move the Stop Loss when there is a profit of 30pips, 5pips for each move.

Because this Crossing system is a single-order trading system (also known as Oneshot), which is a standard and simplest trading algorithm of FXCE Giga installed by default. According to the above lesson, the transaction type was chosen as Single and Action as Standard.

Setting Trailing Stop function for EA as follows:

Click the disk icon on the FXCE Giga toolbar to save the EA configuration.

All the steps to complete the configuration for the Crossing trading system has been done, let's move to the Backtest and see how the EA works in the next lesson.

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