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The Keltner Channel
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Keltner indicator

Keltner Channel is a lagging indicator, belonging to the group of technical indicators that show price ranges, similar to Bollinger Bands. The Keltner indicator consists of 3 parts:median; top line; bottom line and is determined according to the following formula:

Keltner Channel indicator formula:

  • Middle line = EMA(20)

  • Upper line = EMA(20) + 2 * ATR

  • Lower line = EMA(20) – 2 * ATR

Input Option

Period: Number of candles to calculate MA value

MA Mode: Select MA line type

Price Applied: Price is applied to calculate MA value

Channel Multiple: Multiplier to calculate Keltner's value.

Use ATR: Option to use ATR to calculate Keltner value.

ATR Period: Number of candles to calculate ATR value.


  • Simple, easy to use

  • There is a data buffer for use in GigaFactory.

Terms of use

  • Use on the MT5 FXCE platform.

  • This Indicator/EA is provided for free.

  • All trading and exchange activities in any form are not allowed.

  • FXCE not responsible If money is lost during use.


cloud-download-2 Download the latest version here.

- Copy file “*.ex5" to folder /MQL5/Indicators/


Update version

1.0.1 — 2022-10-31

  • Release the first version.

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