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The Indicator Super Trend
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Identify trends with Super Trend

This is an indicator that helps determine market trends, based on CCI, ATR, MA to determine trends more accurately and more effectively than MA.

Input Option

Period: Number of candles to calculate Super Trend

Applied Price: Price to calculate

Atr Period: Period to calculate ATR value


  • Displays the Data Buffer for use in GigaFactory

  • Simple, easy to use

  • Buffer 0: is the value of the Super Trend line.

  • Buffer 2: Value represents the trend of Trend. Buffer value is1 is an increasing trend,-1 is a decreasing trend.

Note: Buffer 1 is a buffer used to change the color state of the indicator so it will not be displayed in the data window. Therefore when usedindicator super trend we just use itbuffer 0 andbuffer 2 to compare values. This is a repaint indicator so pay close attention when using it.

For example: The picture below is the signal for a Buy order.

  • Conditions 1: The candlestick crosses the Super Trend line (Buffer 0), and waits for 10 candlesticks.

  • Condition 2: Indicator Super Trend tends to increase (Buffer 2) > 0

Terms of use

  • Use on the MT5 FXCE platform.

  • This Indicator/EA is provided for free.

  • All trading and exchange activities in any form are not allowed.

  • FXCE not responsible If money is lost during use.


cloud-download-2 Download the latest version here.

- Copy file “*.ex5" to folder /MQL5/Indicators/


Update version

1.0.1 — 2022-10-24

  • Release the first version.


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