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How to use Backtest-calculator
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Backtest Calculator tool helps you calculate and provide results on important parameters that professional investors often care about.

To use this tool, follow these steps :

Step 1: Finished backtesting ea on mt5 and got results similar to the image below

Step 2: Access the tool at

Step 3: Enter the Backtest result information from MT5 corresponding to the instructions in the image below

Backtest Calculator MT5
Balance Initial Deposit
Net Profit Total Net Profit
Gross Loss Gross Loss
Total Traders Total Traders
Max Equity Drawdown Equity Drawdown Maximal
Total Win Profit Trades (% of total)
Total Loss Loss Trades (% of total)

Then click "Calculate" to receive the results.



Enter the start and end times of the Backtest process accurately to avoid errors.

You can use the "Auto Calculate" function to get results faster.

The "Total Gross Loss" must be a positive number.