How To
How to download FXCE ticks for Backtest
1 min read
  1. Download FTP Client at here.
  2. Open FTP Client and login.
  • Host:
  • Username: fxceeateam-ftpuser
  • Password: Fhx7wLQ#UqZc@s
  • Port: 21 

  1. Go to FxceHistoryTicks folder, selected symbol and click download. 

How to import tick into symbol

  1. Create a custom symbol.
  • Click View->Symbol (Ctrl+U)->Create Custom Symbol. 

  • Rename custom symbol and click OK 

  • Now. Symbol EURUSD.test has been created.

  1. Import ticks
  • After create the custom symbol. Click the tab Tick 

  • Select the symbol which created above and click Import Tick 

  • Attach the tick file and click Ok 

  • Wait for few minutes 

How to backtest with FXCE ticks

  1. Click View->Strategy Tester (Ctrl+R)
  2. Select the custom symbol
  3. Click Start