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FXCE Giga Overview
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What is FXCE Giga?

FXCE Giga is a completely free tool helping Traders to configure their own EA without any programming knowledge. FXCE Giga is a user-friendly, simple, and convenient system. The system and the trading strategy are systematized and designed into simple options, to fully and effectively support the Traders' requirements for automation of the trading system.

Normally, a programmer needs 3-4 years to master a programming language. The process of applying programming knowledge on the Metatrader platform to build a full-featured EA also requires 1-2 years. However, with FXCE Giga, a Trader with basic office computer skills can configure a simple EA in minutes.

Main features

FXCE Giga operates on a Click & Select mechanism, ie Traders only need to use options from the available list to set up the conditions and strategies to meet their requirements. Highly customizable settings for various types of trading systems. These are FXCE Giga's main features:

  • Setting entry conditions (Tab Entry).

  • Declare methods to calculate trading volume, setting stop loss, and take profit (Tab Volume)

  • Setting closing conditions (Tab Close).

  • Offers extensive options for trading and risk management (Settings Tab)

  • Offer complex trading algorithms through simple options (Tab Action).

  • Execute EA immediately after configuration directly on FXCE Giga (Activates EA).

Outstanding advantages

  • Free to use.

  • Simple and intuitive interface.

  • Can create Unlimited quantity EA.

  • EA can be exchanged as easily as a normal Text File.

  • Offers unlimited integration of Indicators on the MT5 platform.

  • After completing configuration, EA can be Backtested and operational right away without compiling.

  • FXCE Giga works directly on the MT5 platform and takes advantage of the best technologies from Metaquote.

📖 Why do we have to automate the trading system?

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