Indicator Buffer
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During EA configuration, when using Indicator to set conditions in related tabs. Users must pay attention to the Buffer column, which is one of the important parameters to get the correct comparison value.

To know how many Buffers the Indicator is using, open the Data Window (Ctrl+D).

All Indicator Buffers will be listed in order from top to bottom and starting from 0 for each Indicator.

As the Data Window above: Moving Average or RSI has only 1 Buffer, so Buffer will be 0. Meanwhile, Bollinger Bands have 3 Buffers, MACD has 2 Buffers in the same order as shown, users declare the corresponding Buffer depending on which Band is used.

Note: if the Indicator does not have any Buffer, then it can not be used in the EA.

For example: Buy If Heiken Ashi (HA) candle is bullish, the closing price of the HA candle > the opening price of the HA candle.

With the HA candle, users have to use the Heiken Ashi Indicator, because the HA candle is an Indicator, so in Giga users must use Type as an Indicator, not Candle. And the price information of the HA candle will be taken through Buffer.


Example: Use Indicator with Buy/Sell signal. Buy if there is an bullish Engulfing candle signal, Sell if Engulfing candle is bearish. It is set up as follows:

For example: Buy if the lower candle shadow cuts the lower band of Bollinger Bands, the setting condition as follows:

Note when using Bollinger Bands: to get the correct buffer order, users MUST use a Custom Indicator called BB, choose as follows:

Standard Bollinger Bands (available in MT5) returns the incorrect Buffer order indicator, so it cannot be used with Giga.

Another example of a very popular Indicator that many Traders are using is the Ichimoku Kinko Hio. This indicator has moving averages calculated according to specialized formulas and the values of these lines are also returned through the corresponding buffers. Ichimoku has 5 lines, so when users open the Data Window there will be 5 corresponding buffers as shown below.


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