Compare Type - Wait (in Next Candles)
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When setting up comparison conditions in FXCE Giga, users can combine with an extended comparison type Wait (in Next Candles) to wait for more signals to place orders. This type of comparison allows the EA to wait for the signal from a certain number of candles since the start signal to a certain number of candles that need to wait.

The default is from 0 to 10, which means when the signals are met to wait until the next 10 candles.

For example: When two MA lines cross each other, MA20 crosses up MA50, then wait for the next 20 candles from the 5th candle, if the price retrace and touches MA20, then place a Buy order, so conditions can be set as follow.

If after the 2 MAs cross each other, less than 5 candles but the price retrace and touches MA20, this signal will not be counted, only counted in 15 candles from the 5th candle to the 20th candle.

The figure below illustrates the price retrace to MA20 at the Pin bar candle in the range of 5-20 candles.

1st condition line: MA20 cross up MA50 with type Waiting (in Next Candles) with value = 5-20, meaning that after crossing, this crossing signal will be recorded from the 5th candle in 20 candles, the system will wait for the candle touches MA20 to place an order.

Conditional Line 2: When the candle touches MA20, compare the lowest price of the 1st candle with MA20 within 20 points (Deviation (Price))

So when both of the above conditions are met, there will be an entry signal.

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